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POOL (2020)

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When a man is floating
Face-down in the racing lane
You have to take him by the hand
And turn him over to be sure
He is not a person anymore
That is the lap swim etiquette...

POOL, a collaboration between NECK Press ( and Midst (, offers an exploded view of the process of writing a single poem about a man who has drowned in a municipal swimming pool. Each page is a progressively darker shade of blue, mimicking the fading of light as one dives into a body of water, and features a single moment from the poem's creation in linear order (in lieu of page numbers, the book uses timestamps). POOL starts with a completely blank page and ends with a foldout of the completed poem.

35 pages. Printed on a Risograph and bound by hand with blue linen thread by Ryan Paradiso and Annelyse Gelman. Limited to a print run of 80 copies.

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